ahg-gunstick Premium
Whenever you go hunting, a safe gun rest proves beneficial in a crucial moment.
ahg-Ansch├╝tz has now added to their own gun stick of a premium quality to their
product range.
The gun stick provides 3 adjustable telescopic legs and therefore offers the advantage that it can be used as a perfect aiming aid in either sitting or standing position. Adjusting the telescopic legs can be done with one hand only by a one-finger-latch loosening and fastening system. It works almost soundlessly and extremely simple up to a height of 188 cm. If the V-shaped gun receiver is unscrewed, almost all customary binoculars and/or spotting scope can be mounted, making the gun stick an interesting alternative for nature/bird watching.
Technical Data:
No. Of legs: 3
Adjusting Range: 116 - 188 cm
Transporting Length: 117 cm
Weight: 1,4 kg

Item Number 10200

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