ahg-shooting glove CONTACT

The ahg-shooting glove Contact offers the supporting hand more direct contact to the rifle, much freedom of movement and maximum padding. Thumb and index finger are open to allow comfortable loading of the rifle.
The processed microfiber material is breathable and reduces perspiration of the hand. This material is layered with silicone for additional grip. The Griptec anti-slip material on the inner and outer side provides a secure grip and avoids sliding of the rifle while in position.
The Griptec is padded with a breathable high tech foamed material, called Poron, which absorbs pressure and vibrations up to 90 %.

Material: 41 % Polyurethane, 21 % Polyester, 21 % Polyamide,
                 13 % Polyethylene, 4 % Elastane

Item: 118

Sizes:   XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.


Item Numbers
Item Nr.:118 For right hand shooters
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