folding cheek piece
Folding cheek pieces are well known from big bore shooting, due to the reason that the latest generation of small bore rifles have a repositioned bolt which collides with the fixed cheek piece when shooting compact positions (standing, prone, kneeling) there will be no compromise in the posture of the head but the head position is very important for a constant aiming.

Our connect flap solves such problems elegantly and unites the most important characteristics.

- Flapping mechanism in shooting direction opens automatically upon
opening the bolt
- Incl. mounting steel plate
- Flapping mechanism closes automatically upon closing the bolt and
touching the cheek piece
- Available in plastic or wood (5 mm higher)
- Available with 2 different angles for positioning the cheek
- Can be mounted in either direction
- Surface is comfortably and ergonomically shaped
- Mountable on all current cheek piece connectors
- Sideways infinitely adjustable
- Folded cheek is completely free from play
- Weight (plastic) 210 g
- Total height to the contact surface PLASTIC 16 mm
- Total height to the contact surface WOOD 21 mm
- Length/width/side adjustment range - 165 mm/35 mm/21 mm

Item Number 9798

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