ahg-palm rest Pillar
ahg-palm rest Pillar unites many advantages. A staged plastic support offers many different positions of the palm, a well-thought-out adjustment unit optimizes the position. The basic height of 36 mm can be raised in 2 mm steps up to 54 mm. If this height is not sufficient, two 5 mm raisers - also supplied - can be used additionally. More 5 mm raisers are available as additional accessory - only 5 mm longer screws are subsequently required.

ahg-palm rest Pillar can also be rotated infinitely sideways and adjusted repeatedly by means of a scale. This plastic palm rest can be mounted at the basis in various positions, same applies for the sliding block which is pushed into the UIT rail. This offers numerous positions of the palm rest.

Length: 160 mm
Basic height: 36 mm
Weight: 250 g

Item Number 9799

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