Eagle Eye Vision Contrast with Dioptrie
Most modern antirefl ection coating technology (UV 420) on
the eagle eye Vision Contrast offers highest contrast boost while
keeping a constant 99.8 % blooming. The Vision Contrast blocks
the blue share of the light, meaning less stray light by explicit
reduction of the blue share of the light.
This, in turn, results in highest contrast increase.

The eagel eye has a x1,5 magnification and is available in 0,3 , 0,5 and 0,75 Dioptrie
Item Numbers
Item Nr.:9513-V-03 with 0,3 Dioptrie M 18
Item Nr.:9513-V-05 with 0,5 Dioptrie M18
Item Nr.:9513-V-075 with 0,75 Dioptrie M18
Item Nr.:9505-V-03 with 0,3 Dioptrie M22
Item Nr.:9505-V-05 with 0,75 Dioptrie M22
Item Nr.:9505-V-075 with 0,75 Dioptrie M22