Benchrest Slide ahg-MAX 300
The ahg-MAX 300 benchrest slide combines in stages tilted benchrest adjustments up to max 20° . The toothed profile of the rail and carrier with 4 screws on either side guarantee a parallel and solid guidance.The 3-piece front connecting joint locks both rails in parallel or tilted position. A stabilizing bar (40 g) with 2 weight rings (30 g ea.) corrects the overall balance point of the rifle. The benchrest slide ahg-MAX 300 is mounted onto the forend stock by sliding 2 slot nuts into the stock rail. The integrated supporting legs can be used as bi-pods.
- inclination/tilting max approx. 20°
- resting width 60 mm
- suitable for guns with T-nut
- adjustable in length
- simple mounting
- total weight approx. 450 g
Item Number 1027

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